New Year New Office!

The New year is seen around the world as the beginning of a new chapter of life; a fresh do over for individual goals focused at leaving a footmark in the world. Established companies are looking to expand into new territories, new companies are being birthed with improved products and services ready to be launched […]

How To Pick The Right Color Scheme For Your Home

Ever get confused when you first rent/buy your house and don’t know how  start your décor, talk less of your house color scheme.  Choosing the right color scheme for your home would either add or be a nuisance to you in the long run, so let’s look at 5 helpful tips when deciding what color […]

What You Need To Know About Us

Matrix Design and Works is a furniture manufacturing company located in Lagos Nigeria. We are known for creating bespoke woodwork design tailored to represent and embody our every growing clientele taste. We achieve this through unconventional design mixed with uncompromising quality and a fast-forward customer centric environment. At Matrix Design and Works, we believe every […]