New Year New Office!

The New year is seen around the world as the beginning of a new chapter of life; a fresh do over for individual goals focused at leaving a footmark in the world. Established companies are looking to expand into new territories, new companies are being birthed with improved products and services ready to be launched into the market.

These changes require a work space to operate from. The question now is, what type of office space layout would you require for your work space? Most new business owners have based their criteria on convenience, cost effectiveness and market trends.

 These are good points to consider, but it’s best to take into consideration the nature of your business, the pros and cons of each unit and how they would work effectively independently and cohesively. 

 To assist in the process here are some necessary pointers in choosing the right layout for your business venture; They are as follows

. The private office layout

. The open office layout

. The mixed office layout

The private office layout: This plan provides independent workspaces for staff and encourages them to focus on their work individually without distractions chance for each staff to focus on their own work without distractions.

 This office plan is mostly favored for audit firms, financial institutions and companies where privacy is of utmost importance.

The open office layout: An open office is an open-plan work environment, where there are no enclosed office rooms or walled cubicles for employees. Usually, employees work in the same room, often beside one another, while seated along a huge desk or on workstations positioned close together

This workplace design gives office workers the chance to communicate freely, it’s cost friendly and it encourages a more inclusive office culture and respect of various cultures.

This office plan is mostly suited to marketing firms, telecommunication call centers, journalism news room, graphic design companies etc.

The mixed office layout: This is a combination of the two-office layout, to give a more harmonious balance to the office setting. In this setting private offices, are seen as incentives and clear hierarchy is effectively laid out.

 This is the most effective office layout, for instance could be limited to private offices limited to top executives, with conference rooms added as needed to give privacy.

In conclusion choosing an office space is as important as understanding your business; the environment where the business would thrive and the suitable employees which are key to a successful business.

Other factors to consider are;

  • What tasks must they complete?
  • Does the nature of the work require frequent phone calls with clients?
  • Would the business require privacy and focus
  • Are they regular group projects, necessitating regular communication?”

 Once you have made all the necessary research and have the answers, you are ready to design your brand-new office space.

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