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How To Pick The Right Color Scheme For Your Home

Ever get confused when you first rent/buy your house and don’t know how  start your décor, talk less of your house color scheme.

 Choosing the right color scheme for your home would either add or be a nuisance to you in the long run, so let’s look at 5 helpful tips when deciding what color your dream house should look like.

1) When in doubt start with white; white is the best tone to start with any space when unsure,  then with time move on to stronger tones and compare as you go on.

2) Say no to Monochrome: I say stay away from just Two colors in the same colour scheme i.e Deep red and brown, white and black etc.

3) Compliment what you own: Choose colors based on your current furniture style and your love for colour just know if you love strong bold furniture colors go for a softer wall tone and vice versa 

4) Start from the biggest room to the smallest: Its best to start painting from the biggest room space i.e palour space, bedroom , dining etc  to the smallest space this would help in choosing tones and hues.

5) Get a home décor Magazine: It may seem a bit dated to use paper but I love getting décor inspiration from magazine 

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